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We design and implement modern and functional websites and online stores. Creativity and functionality go hand in hand in our realisations. We create a communication strategy to effectively reach your target audience. Based on research, we create experiences that translate into actions.





our work.


samsung flip

Samsung Flip is an interactive screen for effective meetings and presentations. For the needs of the distributor, we designed sales materials and implemented an online store.

modern &

Novak-Rygiel is an architectural studio with many years of experience. Our support includes image consulting, design and implementation of a modern website, portfolio design and materials.

race fuels

Gulf is a legendary rally brand, which dates back to the 1960s. Our support includes marketing advice for an official European distributor, graphic design and website implementation.

make it

Flyspot is a global brand of wind tunnels, attracting customers from the 'fun' and 'professional' areas. Our cooperation covered graphic design, content creation and advertising materials, coordination and marketing strategy.


drift driver & digy ambassador
Photo of Paweł Borkowski - drift driver & digy ambassador

One of the finest European drifters competing in the Drift Master Grand Prix league. Recognized and appreciated as one of the most yearling players in the DMGP league. Paul became famous all over the world for his phenomenal, victorious duel with James Dean.  Digy brand ambassador, supported by us through sponsorship and design.


olympic champion

We worked with the digy agency in the field of graphic design and implementation of a new website for my sports club RK Athletics. The digy team is professional I trusted then and they met my expectations.

~Robert Korzeniowski - Olympic Champion (RK Athletics)


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